They said “How could you love
someone you have never met?”

I replied,
“Even though I can see him only
through a screen, he makes my
life worth living,
He makes me smile
which is something I adore.

When someone you have never
met can make you smile
harder, and laugh louder,
you hold on to the hope that maybe
one day

you could do the same for him.”


Your like a DRUG,
not good for me,
but i can’t let you go.

You pulled me in,
you fill me with joy,
and pain all together.

You lift me up,
make me feel like i’m floating,
when reality hits,
i’m back down again.

Your perfect to me,
and I can’t escape you.

Your always on my mind,
you take up all my time,
and there is nothing;
not one thing,
I can do about it because,

Little Things

I love your smile;
and your big blue eyes,
but there is more to you,
then whats on the outside.

You don’t see it,
but i do;
all the cute little things,
that you do.

The way you laugh,
and joke around;
the way you love life,
your living free.

Im in love with your personality.
not what you have,
or what you wear.

I only love you for you,
and all the little things
that you do.